[New Podcast Episode] Laughter, Tears, and Transformation: A Conversation with the Rev. Molly Baskette

Before moving to the Bay Area to lead First Church Berkeley, which she lovingly describes as a “motley pew,” UCC pastor the Rev. Molly Baskette served as senior minister of First Church Somerville in Massachusetts. The author of six books, Rev. Molly tells the story of First Church Somerville’s dramatic transformation in Real Good Church: How Our Church Came Back from the Dead, and Yours Can, Too. This episode is full of practical insights wrought from her lived experience of congregational revival, as well as rich reflections on how God continues to move in our midst, drawing us into ever deeper relationship with God and one another. Rev. Molly’s love of Jesus and delightful sense of humor shine through this hopeful conversation about how the Church changes, and what we might yet become.

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