[New Podcast Episode] Because God is God: A Joyful Conversation with the Rev. Dr. Justin Crisp

In a world full of so much pain, what is the hope of joy? How do we hold God’s goodness and the brokenness of our world in a faithful tension? What kind of future does joy want? In our final episode of the season, Scot and Claire bring these profound and poignant questions to the Rev. Dr. Justin Crisp, Priest in Charge of Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church in Greenwich, CT, lecturer in Anglican Studies at Yale Divinity School, and co-editor of Joy and Human Flourishing: Essays on Theology, Culture, and the Good Life. With a rare mix of theological insight and pastoral sensitivity, Justin explores such vast concepts as the problem of evil right alongside more ordinary experiences of grief, change, and loss to illuminate a God who is radically present with us while remaining a mystery beyond our comprehension. Don’t miss this deep and delightful conversation as we head into the summer months grounded in the joy that meet us here and now because, as Justin says, “God is God, and now is where we are.” 

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