[New Podcast Episode] Stand Still and Listen: A Conversation with Dr. Catherine Meeks

In our tenth episode, we explore dismantling racism not simply as political or social action but as something central to our spiritual formation as followers of Jesus, who was radical and disruptive in his life and teaching. Guiding us into this compelling perspective is Dr. Catherine Meeks, a prophetic voice in our Church currently serving as the Executive Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing. With stunning clarity and conviction, Dr. Meeks highlights the urgency of racial healing for our world, our churches, and our own lives, and how addressing systemic change is central to living a life of integrity and faith. Throughout the conversations she inspires us to see not only the challenge but also the promise of seeking the truth where it is to be found, even if that means walking courageously into the darkness and trusting God to show us the way forward from there.

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